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Make your favorite earbuds even better with Comply™ Foam Tips for Google Pixel Buds A-Series



We are proud to introduce the following professionals who have chosen Comply™ Foam Tips as their first choice when it comes to enhancing their listening experience.


John Afshari

Professional Surfer & Stand Up Paddler/Guitarist & Recording Musician

Favorite Comply™ tips: Sport Pro for Jaybird on Jaybird X3



“As an athlete and a recoding musician, sound quality on every level is imperative to me! I use Comply™️ Tips with my Jaybird ear buds for the perfect fit & superior noise cancellation. The Sport Pro tips for Jaybird are second to none & have made all the difference in my training!”

John Afshari is a professional surfer & stand up paddler from San Diego, CA. He is also a guitarist & recording musician who specializes in Special Needs Music Therapy.



Kally Williams

Production Sound Mixer

Favorite Comply™ tips: Comfort Ts-400 on Panasonic RP-HJE120



"I like Comply™ tips because they isolate sound better than regular tips. It feels like wearing ear plugs which allows you to focus on just the sound that's coming in."

Kally has been in the sound business for almost three years. Her passion for sound has provided her the opportunity to expand her knowledge as well as her gear each year, eventually leading her to the discovery of Comply™ Foam tips. She works on everything from feature films, documentaries, commercials, and even reality shows. 




Drummer and Music Producer

Favorite Comply™ tips: Isolation Plus Tx-200 on MEE audio M6 Pro



"With Comply I’m able to hear my mix very clear and it isolates all noise around me during a show."

Alex Wegman, also known as OneArmed, is a drummer and producer from The Netherlands. With only one arm, he plays shows all over the world with a unique drum live act which he tours at clubs and music festivals. To hear his drums together with the music, he uses in-ear headphones with the Comply™ Tx-200 ear tips. This helps cancel outside noise during a show while still being able to hear his full mix, especially the low-end. Alex has used Comply™ Foam Tips for many years with many more years to come.



Mike St. Jean

Visual/Lighting Designer & Keyboardist

Favorite Comply™ tips: Isolation T-100 on Audiofly AF180



"I don't go anywhere without my Comply™ Foam tips. From casual listening on a walk, to mobile music and in-studio music production, on-stage live performance, or while operating a lighting and video console at front of house in venues around the world, Comply Foam tips play an important role in comfort and hearing protection. My hearing is a vital part of my career, so I want the best fit and isolation."

Mike has been touring with the Devin Townsend Project, designing lighting & visuals solutions for a wide array of events, from small clubs to headlining international open-air festivals. More recently he has taken a place on stage, playing keyboards & electronics, and operating playback automation for all audio, video and lighting.



Tracy Broussard


Favorite Comply™ tips: Isolation Plus Tx-200 on Aurisonic IEM



"Comply™ Foam Tips for my IEM's are a crucial component to my performance. I've tried everything from custom molds to every tip imaginable and Comply Foam Tips are the only ones that give me a consistent and reliable seal every show. Comply Foam Tips allow me to get optimal lows and isolation for maximum response out of my Aurisonics IEM's."

Tracy tours with Blake Shelton as his drummer for live performances.