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Our Mission: To protect hearing while transforming the way the world listens.













Stop your earbuds from falling out of your ears

Protect your premium earbud investment.

Fit your earbuds perfectly to your ears by, heat-activated Comply Memory Foam Ear Tips that stick with you for any intense job, HIIT workout, training session, or concert.

We're even putting Comply tips on the moon.

You should be able to wear your earbuds longer than 30 minutes

You can't put a time limit on comfort.

Feel confident that your earbuds will not only stay in comfortably, but you can wear them all day while you push your daily limits with music that sounds great.

Don't leave your earbuds at home any longer.

Trusted By Leaders.

From Space Frontiers to Frontline Defense. Even Music Moguls.

Making A Perfect Fit For Every Ear.

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"These fit great and work very well with the Galaxy Bud Pros. I can keep them in a long time and they don't bother or irritate my ears. Once I found the size that works best for me, I haven't used anything thing else. Comply makes the best foam tips. I highly recommend."

Amy K.

"They are the best ear tips I have ever used. The middle size fits perfect and as far as comfort I can wear them all day with no problem."

Richard L.

"I installed the tips and they fit better in my ears than the originals that came with my AirPod pros. I love these and will continue to use Comply tips for a long time!"

William L.

"Learned that my ear holes are particularly small. Got a free replacement from medium tips to small tips with free shipping, even after the stated window. They fit perfectly and are much more comfortable and isolates much more noise than the standard ear tips. Thanks Comply!"

Vincent L.

"Tried several brands but Comply's seal is the best. Improved sound and less background noise."

Victor B.

"These ear pieces for my Sony earbuds are perfect! They are so comfortable and make wearing my earbuds for hours at a time easy. They conform to my ears so I know the earbuds are secure, even while I am working out. 10/10 recommended!"

Shannon H.

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Move freely Listen longer Hear more
100% better grip than traditional silicone eartips.
30x softer than silicone means 30x more comfort.
Enhanced sound at lower volume means safer listening.

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The Comply R&D Team: Innovation in Our DNA, Passion in Our Hearts

Just as our vision statement champions the protection of hearing while transforming the way the world listens, the Comply R&D team shares the conviction that you shouldn't compromise adventures for the comfort of earbuds. Technology should propel us onward, not hinder us. Having witnessed the discomfort of daily ear pain ourselves (well, at least on some of our long brainstorming sessions!), we understand the need for earbuds that seamlessly integrate into your lives.

We're obsessed with creating memory foam that not only provides exceptional comfort and a secure fit, but also bridges the gap between your ears and your device, resulting in superior noise isolation and an unparalleled listening experience. Crafted with the highest quality and proudly American-made, our ear tips are constantly being innovated to ensure they protect your hearing, reduce unwanted noise, and keep your earbuds comfortably secure throughout life's grandest adventures, even to the moon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend you try the same size Comply tip that you use with your earbuds stock silicone tips. Our data has shown that up to 60% of the population uses medium. Not sure which size will fit you best, choose the assorted pack to get 1 pair of each size. All purchases from our website are backed by our Guaranteed Fit Program. See the program details under FAQ’s for more information.

The lifespan for all Comply Foam ear tips tips depends on use and averages 2-3 months per pair. How you use the tips, body chemistry (earwax, oils, etc.), and the environment will affect how long your tips last. Replace when the tips start to flake, tear or lose their memory foam properties such as expanding too quickly. Tips will deteriorate if exposed to alcohol-based cleaners, hand sanitizers or lotions. Colored tips may fade with time, this is normal and does not affect performance.

Use the Tip Finder tool to find the Comply™ foam tip for your earbuds. You may search device brand, model, or Comply product name to find the compatible tip. When you find your device, click on the “View Tips” button to proceed to the Comply product page. Was your earbud not listed? Please fill out our Device Request Form to notify our team about your earbuds. We have over 2000 compatible devices for Comply tips and your input helps build our compatibility library. We would love to learn about your preferred earbuds!


There are many different earbud tip options out there, but knowing the difference between Comply foam vs other foam tips can give you an insight into why thousands of earbud users choose Comply.

1. Slower recovery time gives you more time to put earbuds in with a comfortable fit (Comply foam 10- 20 second release time, other foam 2-5 seconds). Watch here

2. Tips don't swell in the presence of moisture, providing consistent performance.

3. Trusted and used by Global Military Personnel in high noise environments.

4. Comply tips have 50% less pressure on the ear canal than other foam tips.

5. Constructed with user-friendly materials providing a soft and gentle experience for your ear canal.

If tips are not tearing or deteriorating, you may be able to extend the life of your tips by gently removing ear wax and debris. Do not clean tips when warm and soft just out of your ear. Once at room temperature, either use a Comply™ Tip Wipe or wash the tips in warm water, squish with a soft cloth and air dry before next use. Never use soap, detergent, or alcohol-based cleaners as they will break down the foam. We also recommend that you do not handle immediately after applying lotions or hand sanitizer. The Comply™ Tip Wipe is a dry wipe. Excessively cleaning the tips can decrease the lifespan and cause premature tears. We recommend replacing Comply™ Foam Tips about every 3 months or when they become soiled. Colored tips may fade with time, this is normal and does not affect performance.

We have designed our tips to fit most customers’ ear canals and be the most comfortable ear tips on the market. There is a small percentage of people we are not able to fit.

Here are some options for ensuring the best fit and that our tips work with your ears. Prepping the ear tips for insertions the first step. Quickly compress and roll the tip with your thumb and forefinger, insert and hold the device in place for a few seconds while the foam comfortably expands to fit your ear canal.

With our Guaranteed Fit Program, you may need to try a different size. Here is the scale of sizing depending on the issue you are encountering: Pressure or pain – size down Earbuds pushing out – size down Earbuds falling out, especially if happening during exercise or activity – size up Outside noise leaking in or not a great seal – size up. Some earbuds use an APP or software to test for a proper seal. If you find you do not pass a fit test or active noise cancellation is affected, try adjusting the earbuds or you may need a larger size tip. There are times when the all-day comfort and security of the earbuds outweighs passing a fit or seal test. If you are using wired earbuds or IEM’s, you may want to try a different shape. 95% of the population have oval ear canals. Switching to the TOZ model may improve the fit.

1. Remove the stock ear tips from your wireless earbuds and install your Comply Foam tip.

2. Firmly press Comply tip onto the soundport. Ensure the tip is secure before use.

3. Once installed, roll the tip between your fingers into a thin, round cylinder.

4. Gently insert the entire ear tip into your ear and hold it in for 10-15 seconds. Check out this video to learn more.

Customers who purchase their tips from are eligible for our Guaranteed Fit Program.  If you ordered the wrong core size or tip size, email us us within two weeks of receiving your order, and we’ll provide you with a store credit for the product that you can use to replace your tip with the right fit. Please note, this program only applies to earphones that we list as compatible on our website and the customer is responsible for shipping costs of the new product. If you purchased tips through one of our online partners such as Amazon or, please utilize their return and exchange process for replacing the tips.  Please note, we cannot process returns or exchanges for purchases made from other online partners.