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Not all tips are created equal, and they can have a dramatic effect on the audio quality, noise isolation, comfort and fit of an in-ear headphone. Most earphones include multiple sizes and different tip options for the user to find a proper fit. However, the problem with many standard silicone/rubber tips is that they often don’t provide a good fit – the key in providing the ultimate listening experience.

Without a perfect seal of the ear canal, earphones can’t properly reproduce bass; and without long lasting comfort, they can become irritating or fatiguing. Designed to combat these pain points, the Comply™ proprietary memory foam formulation provides every user with a perfect fit without sacrificing comfort or audio fidelity.

Audiophile or athlete. Traveler or gamer. On a run, on a plane, on a battlefield. Critical communication to audiology breakthroughs. Comply™ foam is comfort, sound, isolation and protection like never before.



Reduce returns: top 3 reasons for earphone returns are: audio quality, comfort and fit

Comply™ Foam tips reduce these common earphone issues


Over 80 brands: have included Comply™ Foam tips with their earphones – from start-ups to internationally recognized brands

Add value to the earphone with the inclusion of premium accessories


Provide customers with the best listening experience

Enable the customers to hear audio the way it was engineered to be heard


“...we believe that we make the most accurate and rich tuning out there, and the carefully and beautifully crafted Comply™ eartips makes sure that the earpieces stay put, that you can easily wear them for a long period of time and that the rich sound is withheld at all times.”

- Allan Fatum, B&O Play

“The quality of Comply™ ear tips perfectly compliments our High-Res Audio products and offering them together will lead to even better listening experiences.”

- Lewis Heath, RHA

“Not only are we giving our customers an ear-tip they love, our association with Comply has exposed our brand to a wide variety of consumers.”

Josh Meredith, Cardas Audio


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