Comply™ 泡沫软包裹物

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  • Super-soft memory foam strips surround your custom molded IEMs/hearing aid, creating a stronger seal for an unshakeable fit, no matter how you move.

    • 5 Pair Per Pack
    • All-Day Comfort: Memory foam strips wrap around your custom-molded IEM's sound port or hearing aid for a soft and expand to fit your ear canal's unique shape, giving you an even more custom fit and improved in-ear retention. Your custom-molded IEMs/hearing aid remain secure, without irritation and fatigue.
    • Peak Performance: Wraps create an optimal seal, reduce external noise and channel sound directly into the ear canal; your device will work better than ever. For hearing aid users, Soft Wraps eliminate feedback by completely sealing off your ear canal.
    • Easy To Use: Simply peel, wrap around sound port/nozzle, squeeze down memory foam and insert into ear canal as you normally would for an enhanced listening experience.
    • NOTE: The adhesive material will NOT adhere to silicone materials, Soft Wraps are best used on acrylic based custom IEMs/hearing aids.

  • Tips are compatible with these devices:

    64 Audio™ Custom IEM
    Alclair Custom IEM
    CTM Custom IEM
    Dearear Buoyant
    Eartech Custom IEM
    Inearz Custom IEM
    JH Audio Custom IEM
    Lear Custom IEM
    Lime Ears Custom IEM
    Ultimate Ears Custom IEM
    Unique Melody Custom IEM
    Vision Ears Custom IEM
    Westone® Custom IEM

  • Product Specifications


    Height: 2 mm (0.08")

    Length: 43 mm (1.70")

    Width: 5 mm (0.18"





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