Almohadillas para oídos Comply™ Foam SmartCore™ Series

Compatible with: Fits most wired earbuds and IEMs with sound port nozzles between 0.19" - 0.24" (4.8mm - 6.3mm) in diameter. See compatibility tab for full listing. Still unsure about compatibility? Use our Tip Selector!
SKU: 19-00201-11
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  • Premium memory foam replacement ear tips make all-day listening more comfortable and stable with enhanced sound quality.

    These NEW SmartCore ear tips have different shape options to customize your listening experience.   

    • The Original TZ-SC, the NEW! Round 2.0 TRZ-SC and the NEW! Oval TOZ-SC.
    • Not sure which shape will fit you best? Choose the variety pack and receive 1 pair of each; Original, Round 2.0 and Oval all with TechDefender™.

    Comply™ replacement ear tips are softer than silicone, cost-effective, simple to install, and backed by our 100% Guaranteed Fit Program.

    • Comply Comfort: Maximize your earbud comfort and eliminate earbud pain caused by silicone tips. Comply foam ear tips are made for all-day comfort. Body-heat activated memory foam adapts and molds to your ear, providing a completely customized fit for hours of comfortable listening.
    • Earbuds Stay In Place: Never let your earbuds fall out again. Comply memory foam ear tips are engineered to conform to your ear, providing a better grip than silicone. Whether exercising, working, or going about your day, our replacement tips will keep your earbuds from falling out.
    • Block Out Noise: Our heat-activated memory foam expands in your ear, creating a superior seal to reduce distractions and improve noise cancellation for an exceptional audio experience. Elevate your sound at lower volumes and help protect your hearing.
    • TechDefender™: These ear tips include TechDefender™, an acoustically transparent foam that protects your earbuds and in ear monitors from wax, sweat, debris and moisture.
    • Tip Lifespan: The lifespan for these tips depends on use and averages 2-3 months per pair. How you use the tips, body chemistry (earwax, oils, etc.), and the environment will affect how long your tips last. Replace when the tips flake, tear or lose memory foam properties such as expanding too quickly. Tips will deteriorate if exposed to alcohol-based cleaners, hand sanitizers or lotions.


    These Tips are for wired earbuds & IEMs that are not listed in compatibility for one of our core-specific tips and are best used with sound port nozzles between 0.19" - 0.24" (4.8mm - 6.3mm) in diameter.

    Also, use the Tip Finder to ensure compatibility or the compatibility tab for a list of popular devices. 

    Installation Instructions

    Step One

    Remove the eartips from your wired earbuds.

    Step Two

    Angle the Comply eartip and insert it over the soundport. Firmly press down until tip fits securely on the device. Ensure the tip is secure before use.

    Step Three

    Roll the tip between your fingers into a thin, round cylinder.

    Step Four

    Gently insert the entire eartip into your ear and hold it in for 10-15 seconds.

  • Tips are compatible with these devices:

    1More Capsule Dual Driver
    1More Piston Classic
    1More Piston Fit
    1More Piston Fit Wireless
    1More Stylish Wired
    1More Stylish Wireless
    Blue Ant® Pump
    Bowers & Wilkins PI3
    Fostex TE-04
    Grado GR8e
    i.Am Buttons
    JBL® Endurance JUMP
    JBL® Live 100
    JBL® Reflect Aware
    NuForce BE Live5
    OnePlus Bullet Wireless
    Pioneer C8
    Samsung Level U Pro
    Simolio TV Headset
    Skullcandy™ Ink'd®, Ink'd®+ Wireless, Ink'd+® Active
    Skullcandy™ Jib™, Jib™+ Active, Jib™ Wireless
    Skullcandy™ Method Active, Method ANC, Method BT Sport
    Skullcandy™ Set
    Skullcandy™ Smokin' Buds 2

  • SmartCore™ Series with our New Shapes were designed to enhance comfort and listening enjoyment. 

    If you previously ordered SmartCore Sport Pro, SmartCore Audio Pro, SmartCore Aware Pro and SmartCore Variety Pack Pro, now order the SmartCore™ Series with these options:

    Original TZ-SCOriginal (3 pair, M/L)
    Round 2.0 TRZ-SCNEW! Round 2.0 (3 pair, M/L)
    Oval TOZ-SCNEW! Oval (3 pair, M/L)
    Aware ProVented
    Variety Pack VP-SCOriginal, Round 2.0 & Oval (1 pr eachl)
    (Sizes: M or L)


    Polyurethane foam, thermoplastic elastomer (all RoHS compliant).

    Does not contain latex.


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