With Shure SE215 replacement tips from Comply Foam, you get an immersive sound experience that's as dynamic as your life. Stay in the moment with the enhanced noise cancellation and effortlessly custom fit of Comply Foam tips on your Shure SE215 earbuds. Read More

A Sure Thing: Shure Earbuds + Comply Foam

Love how your Shure SE215s keep up with your every step, from the gym to the office and beyond? Want even better quality on conference calls, workout playlists, and everyday soundtracks? Level up with Shure SE215 replacement tips from Comply Foam.

Our signature viscoelastic technology is engineered to combine custom comfort and superior performance into a simple solution for background noise and annoying slippage. Your own body heat tailors the custom fit to your temperature and movement.

We're so sure you'll love your Comply Foam SE215 replacement tips, we guarantee them.

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Comply™ Foam Ear Tips For Shure


5 sizes available