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When it came to developing different iterations of earbud tips, we knew an isolation series was a must. These tips will give you control over the noise no matter where you are in the world or what you happen to be doing. Comply’s Isolation T- and Tx-series Foam Tips are specifically engineered to harness the sound of music in its entirety while barricading the onslaught of outside sound.

Isolation Series premium earphone tips are built with the musician, athlete and everyday listener in mind. If you’re seeking total noise isolation, you’ve found your earphone mecca. Hearing Components is committed to making your listening experience the best it can be, despite how loud the world gets around you.

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Sound Isolation Technology 

Much like how you can’t trap air in a balloon if it has a leak, you can’t trap sound in your ears if it can freely escape around your earphones. Through years of research and development, Hearing Components has mastered the science of sound and how to simply make it better for everyone.

Isolation Series earbud tips are designed to be 10x thicker than standard silicone rubber earbuds. This added insulation results in a 2x external decibel reduction, trapping in low-frequency energy so you can listen to your favorite jams at a lower volume without compromising one speck of sound quality. Your eardrums will thank you—trust us. 

On top of a thicker earbud tip, these replacement tips pack a handful of luxuries you never knew you needed:

Pillowy-soft Memory FoamComply’s patented viscoelastic memory foam is 30x softer than silicone. That’s 30x more comfort, for those of you keeping score. Even after long listening sessions, kiss the ear fatigue and aches goodbye.

Enhanced Grip for No-slip Listening: One of the worst interruptions to your favorite songs is an earbud slipping out and disrupting the flow. With 100% better grip than silicone, these tips are sure to stay put whether you’re riding the bus or pumping iron at the gym. Better grip means fewer interruptions and more minutes enjoying the music.

Flexible Core + Superior Attenuation + Body-heat ActivationHearing Components has engineered every facet of Isolation Series earbuds to contribute to an enhanced listening experience. Memory foam tips conform to the shape of the ear canal at body temperature for a dynamic custom fit. No matter how much the shape of your ear canal changes during the day, your earplugs will change right along with you.

Many Earphone Brands? No ProblemWe believe everyone should have a shot at hearing music at its finest. This is why we’ve created different varieties of Isolation Series earbud tips:Isolation 100,Isolation 200,Isolation 400 andIsolation 500 Series. Each model features a tailored nozzle design and size that works with different brands of earphones. If you’re unsure what model size will work with your earphones,check out our Find Your Fit tool. Simply input what brand and model of headphone you have and out pops compatible tips. Easy peasy, right?

Comply Foam Isolation Series: It’s Time to Hear the Music

Drown out the pounding of feet on the treadmill at the gym or the guy on the bus who has turned a seat into a drum set. The expanding memory foam earbud fills every nook and cranny, creating the perfect ear canal seal that locks music in and leaves annoying ambient noise at the door. Silicone rubber earphones don’t flex, adapt or create a perfect ear canal seal. You invest a lot in your earphones and music, so why taint it with unwanted noise?

Explore how Isolation Series foam headphone tips can open up a whole new world of how music should sound. If you have any questions about Comply’s Isolation Series foam tips, don’t hesitate to ask. It’s about time you hear the music for all it’s worth.



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