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Comply™ Foam Plugs

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Cut the intensity, amp up the sound

Product Description

Comply™ Foam Plugs are high-tech earplugs engineered specifically for concert-goers, musicians, marching bands, drumlines, industrial workers, dentists, travelers, and more! Turning down the volume, they cut the intensity of environmental sound without degrading the experience.  Typical earplugs muffle the mid and high frequencies distorting the sound. Comply™ Foam Plugs use acoustic baffling and high-pass filters to even out the sound blocking across the entire frequency spectrum. These plugs will revolutionize the acoustic experience anytime you need to retain sound quality without damaging your hearing.

The precise design and attention to detail make Comply™ Foam Plugs the top choice for those who need superb isolation, a secure fit, and all-day comfort or for those who simply want to Cut the Intensity and Amp up the sound!

Ultra-Soft Comfort
The unique, breathable memory foam is activated by body heat to provide all-day comfort without in-ear fatigue and irritation.

Superior In-Ear Protection
Comply™ Foam Plugs protect against damage to the ear from continuous harmful exposure to loud or extreme noise.

Hi-Fidelity Retention
Comply™ Foam Plugs keep music and speech clear without muffling the sound.

Secure Fit
The Tips on these plugs use memory foam to gently seal the ear canal to create a custom fit for increased retention.






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Noise Reduction Rating - NRR 15dB

Package includes:
- 1 pair Plugs
- 2 pairs of Black Comply™ Foam Tips Isolation T-100 in size medium
- 1 travel pouch


Product Reviews

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  1. I NEED these!

    Posted by Joe on 20th May 2016

    These are my go to earplugs for attending loud rock concerts. I just can't take the loud volume anymore . . . I like it, but my ears can no longer stand the abuse. These do exactly that - turn down the volume and allow me to be anywhere in the venue I want in total comfort. I rated 4 stars only due to the attenuation on the higher frequencies being a bit too much. But without them, my ears would do that within a few songs anyway. These go along with my for the awful loud Imax movies too; another problem completely solved. These are FAR superior to the drugstore foam plugs, in performance, comfort and ease of use.

  2. Excellent seal and reduction; not for enjoying music

    Posted by Leon on 13th Feb 2016

    I bought there because I also use Comply Foam Tips (P-Series) with my Shure in-ear monitors (DJ use), which are so comfortable and have a very good seal. The earplugs I used before (and sometimes still use) are custom moulded filters, with good filter quality, but sadly, they leak when I move my face (smile, laugh). With the CF Tips I don't have that issue, so I was delighted to discover that the Plugs exist. Using the foam tips on them gives the same secure seal I'm used to with my in-ears. The best thing is that I can use my P-series with the tips. Now, for enjoying music the filter too much of the highs, but I can live with that. I only use them in clubs when I'm not DJing. This is a very nice and affordable solution. It would even be better if the pugs were less visible. The blue color is just a bit too much, and they stick out a lot (the removal thingies aren't even necessary).

  3. Good Noise Cancellation

    Posted by Experienced Muso on 6th Jul 2015

    I purchased a set of these for my son, who's a bass trombonist. I also got a set for myself as I'm often running sound or recording concerts.

    These plugs are very comfortable and cut the noise as indicated. But, they destroy the timbre of the sound. My son can't play while wearing these as he can't pitch his notes correctly. I can't use these when operating a sound desk as I can't get the sound mixed correctly.

    These would be good for noisy environments or big action movies where sound quality isn't important. They'd be ok for a heavy metal or rock concert where volume is more important than sound quality to the band. They're unusable if you want to enjoy the actual musical sounds being played.

  4. Comodidad extraordinaria!

    Posted by vilewoo on 16th Dec 2014

    El material usado es excelente, puedo usarlos durante varias horas seguidas y el oido no lo resiente!


  5. Affordable Solution for Musicians

    Posted by Joe Bac, guitar player on 2nd Apr 2012

    Fellow Musicians, these plugs are an awesome solution to saving your hearing gig after gig. I've been playing in bands for a very long time and realized many years ago (before it was too late) that I need to protect my hearing. I have been using custom made musicians plugs for years and I also have custom made in-ear monitors that I wear when I don't want to use the floor wedge monitor. I was curious about this product so I bought a pair and compared them with my expensive custom fit musicians ear plugs. I found this product to be every bit as good as my custom plugs, if not better. I use the 20db filters in my custom plugs and the ComplyPlugs actually reduced the sound level more. I could hear myself sing, I could hear my stage monitor well, I could hear the ambient sounds well, and best of all, I was able to go home without my ears ringing. If you are considering musicians earplugs, look no further. These are very affordable and very comfortable because of the ComplyFoam tips. Do yourself a favor and save your hearing. Just buy them. You'll be glad you did.

  6. Problem Solver!!

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Mar 2012

    These foam plugs are AMAZING! Initally I purchased these plugs to see an imax movie with my boyfriend (I hate the ringing in my ears afterward!) but since then I find myself using them almost daily. They come with a great little pouch to store them in, so they are very easy to carry with you -- I've been using them in the car when my boyfriend's bass is giving me a headache! It doesnt damage the sound quality, and I can still even hear him talking - it just turns down the volume!! Plus, they're comfortable enough to wear for a longer time - I'll be wearing these to the next concert I attend! Definitely worth it!

  7. Why only medium size?

    Posted by Hogaku on 19th Mar 2012

    I use the larger size foam tips and would love to try the new plugs...but not until they are offered with large tips. I'm sure they will be excellent, just like their tips.

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