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Sport 500

Sx-500 & S-500

Product Description

Made in the USA using proprietary memory foam materials for the ultimate in-ear headphone upgrade.

Sport Series (S/Sx-Series) Tips are the ideal earphone tip for workouts and active lifestyles. Designed with rugged, breathable memory foam, Sport Tips grip better for a secure fit to keep earbuds in place and allow you to hear your surroundings. Say goodbye to earphones falling out of yours ears. Sport Tips mean you can move freely.

Best for: athletes who want to hear some outside noise.

Secure In-Ear Fit
Memory foam expands to fill the unique shape of your ear canal, creating a custom, snug fit to dramatically increase in-ear retention. Rugged foam keeps earphone in place even in the presence of moisture or sweat.

Superior Audio Experience
With a perfect ear canal seal, Comply™ tips funnel pure sound directly into the ear. Maximize your listening experience with enhanced bass. Hear music how it is supposed to be heard with all its highs and lows.

External Noise Isolation
Engineered to create a custom ear canal seal to block out external noise and environmental distractions. Sport tips allow some external noise to pass through so you hear your surroundings.

Soft Comfort
Body-heat activated memory foam creates an ultra-soft and comfortable listening experience. Comply™ Foam is 30x softer than silicone, reducing earphone irritation and fatigue.

WaxGuard™ Protection
Available with (Sx-Series) or without (S-Series) the WaxGuard. This acoustically transparent filter inside the tip keeps earwax and debris out of the earphone's soundport. Recommended for high-end earphones.

Colors: Black

Length/Height: 9.91 mm ± 0.6 mm (0.390” ± 0.025”)

Width/Diameter at proximal end (end attaching to device): 
   Small: 11.43 mm ± 0.75 mm (0.450” ± 0.030”) 
   Medium: 12.19 mm ± 0.75 mm (0.480” ± 0.030”) 
   Large: 12.95 mm ± 0.75 mm (0.510” ± 0.030”)

Materials: Polyurethane foam, thermoplastic elastomer (all RoHS compliant). Does not contain latex.

Product Reviews

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  1. They Stay Put

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Aug 2016

    I purchased one of the sport 500 Comfort Tips. They work very well and do exactly as advertised, they stay put and dont pop out of your ears and are comfortable to wear.

  2. Nice product, but not large enough for my ear...

    Posted by JG on 24th Jul 2016

    Purchased different versions of these tips in different sizes, and none are large enough to stay firmly in my ear when I run. The sport version almost works, it the outer diameter were just a little bigger. Disappointed that it didn't work out given the amount of $ that I spent...

  3. Excellent Comply Tips

    Posted by Olddude on 22nd Jun 2016

    I've been using Comply tips for years on a variety of iems. These include various Ultimate Ears iems (up to Triple-Fi), Altone iems, Dunu iems, and Shure 846 iems. Currently I am using them on my JH Angie Universal iems. The Sports tips works very well during exercise (I do two-mile quick walks daily). The fit is perfect (interestingly, I use the smalls with the Angie where previously I have always used either mediums or larges), and isolation is very good. Sound? Great bass, smooth mids and excellent trebles. Yes, they do wear out after a few months, but that is the nature of foams. I've tried many non-foam tips and always come back to the Comply tips. As to price, you get what you pay for. I keep paying for Comply tips, happily.

  4. Sport Tips Work as Promised

    Posted by Bud on 10th Jul 2015

    These tips work great. The tips that came with my Wireless headset would not stay in once I started sweating during a run/work out. The Sport Plus tips have been great. They are comfortable and stay in with little attention from me during a run. Worth the money - great buy!

  5. Way over priced

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jun 2015

    They fall apart after a while and they are way over priced.

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