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Incompatible Device List

Earphones That Have Been Tested and NOT APPROVED for Use with Comply™ Products.

Last update: March 2, 2017

Brand Model
Accutone Pisces/Pisces HD
Accutone Pisces Digital
Accutone Taurus/Taurus HD
Adibla Life
Adibla Sport
Adibla Pro
Air Acoustics Black Walnut
AKG K 328
AKG K 340
AKG K 309
AKG K 311
AKG K 313
AKG K 315
AKG K 316
AKG K 317
AKG K 319
AKG K 323 XS
Altec Lansing  UHP336
Atomic Floyd™ Mini Darts (w/o remote)
Audio-Technica® CK-10
Audio-Technica® CK-9
Aurisonics  ASG 2.5
Bang & Olufsen  A8 Earphones
Blue Ant® Q2
Body Guardz Earjax B2-ELS90-O611 Lyrics
Bose IE2
Bose SoundSport Wireless
Bose MIE2
Bose SIE2i
Creative Aurvana 3
Creative  HS-930i
Creative  ZEN Aurvana
Creative  Aurvana In Ear
Denon AH-C360
Denon AH-C620
Dixon  High Fidelity
Dunu  DN-13 Crius 
Dunu  DN-19 Tai Chi 
Dunu  I3C-S
Etymotic  ER-6i
Fischer Audio Yuppie
Fischer Audio Bullets 6mm
Grado iGi
H20 Audio  ALL earphones
Hi Audio  Crystal
House of Marley Legend
iFrogs  Transport
iFrogz™ Audio Timbre Pro
iFrogz™ Symphony
Imation SP70
Jabra EasyGo Bluetooth
Jabra Motion Bluetooth
Jabra Rhythm
Jabra Wave Bluetooth
Jawbone  ERA
Jawbone  ICON
JBL® Synchros Reflect
JLab  GO
JVC® HA-F150
Kicker EB91 Micro Fit
Klipsch® Image S2/S2i
Koss® CC01
Koss® KDX100
Macally Tune Pal Pro Macally Tune Pal Pro
MEElectronics  Air-Fi EP AF71
MEElectronics  CC 51
MEElectronics  CW31
Merkury Innovations  MI-HP5580 Metallic Earbud
Merkury Innovations  Metal Earphones
Monster  iSport Intensity
Monster  iSport Strive
Monster  Miles Davis TRUMPETS
Motorola S10-HD
Motorola Buds
Motorola  MotoRokr S10
Motorola  MotoRokr S9
Nixon  The Micro Blaster
Novero Soho
Novero Tour
Novero Tribeca
Novero Victor
Novero® Brooklyn
NuForce NE-650M
Panasonic® RP-HJC120
Panasonic® RP-HJE295
Panasonic® RP-HJE355
Philips® SHE7005A/28
Philips® SBC HN060
Philips® SHE2100
Philips® SHE2675
Philips® SHE5920
Philips® SHE6000
Philips® SHE9550
Photive PH-EB200
Pioneer SE-CL21M-J-K
Plantronics® Backbeat 216
Plantronics® BackBeat 906
Plantronics® BackBeat FIT
Plantronics® Marque 2
Plantronics® Voyager Legend
Plantronics® BackBeat 903 bluetooth headset
Polk Audio Nue Era
Polk Audio Ultra Fit 500
Samsung HM700
Sennheiser IE 800
Sennheiser OMX 180
Sennheiser  OMX 680
Sennheiser  CX 310 (Adidas)
Sennheiser  CX 870
Sennheiser  CX 880/880i
Sennheiser  CXC 700  
Sennheiser  MX 270
Sennheiser  MX 365
Sennheiser  OCX 880
Sleek Audio SA-1
Sony MDR-EX450
Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800
Sony Ericsson LiveSound MH2
Sony® MDR-E9LP
Sony® MDR-EX70
Sony® MH1C Livesound
Sony® MH750
Sony® SBH80
Sound MAGIC MP21
Sound MAGIC  PL21
Tenqa Bullseye
Tweaked Natural V3
Tweaked Parcour
Ultimate Ears UE 100
V-Moda Modaphones
VSonic  GR06
VSonic  VSD1
VSonic  R04
XePort High Fidelity
Zagg  Z-Buds

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