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Don't Stress About Your Google Earbuds Falling Out Of Your Ears

Tired of constantly adjusting your Google earbuds with every movement? Losing focus on your activities and goals? Bid farewell to the distraction of your cherished earbuds slipping out during your movements and relish a customized fit just for you.

Frustration-Free Comfort For All-Day Listening For Any Activity

Our Google ear tips provide a "pillow-like" comfort, ensuring a pleasurable, all-day fit that keeps you listening longer and enjoying your lifestyle with every move. Happy ears mean a happier you when using Comply™ foam ear tips for Google.

Block Out The World & Immerse Yourself In Your Music

The hassle of increasing the volume to block out unwanted noise stops here! Whether you're on the move, commuting to work or simply yearning for a moment of peace; rest assured that these ear tips will allow you to listen without interruption.

Listen in luxury with ear tips for your Google earbuds

Your frustration ends here with Comply foam replacement ear tips. We recognize the satisfaction that comes with effortlessly wearing your beloved Google earbuds while pursuing your favorite activities – with all-day comfort.
Fit Your Earbuds

Engineered for you with ear tip excellence.

Engineering an ear tip for some of the most popular earbuds like the Google Pixel Buds Pro or Google Pixel Buds, we deliver on our promise to be the premium product provider for comfort, secure-fit and noise isolation. We stand behind our mission and our commit to protect and preserve hearing while transforming the way the world listens for all Google earbud enthusiasts.
Comply Technology

What makes Comply Foam tips for Google better than other foam tips?

We don't believe in adding extra pressure – literally. Comply ear tips exert 50% less pressure on your ear canal compared to other foam tips, ensuring a more comfortable listening experience. Thanks to a slower recovery time, our memory foam adapts to the contours of your ear canal, providing a natural and custom fit. Discover how your Google earbuds can reach new heights with Comply ear tips.
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1. Fit Your Buds

With ear tip compatibility for over thousands of earbuds, we want to ensure you get the correct tip! Click the button below to find tips for your Google Pixel Buds Pro, Pixel Buds, or Pixel Buds A-Series.

Fit Your Buds
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2. Find Your Size & Color

Every ear canal is unique and we want you to have peace of mind to get your size right! Choose our assorted pack (S, M, & L) to get a variety of sizes if you are unsure of what size ear tip you'll need. We have color options too!

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3. Comply Guarantee

For any reason, if you are not 100% satisfied, contact our customer support team and we will make it right. Our goal is to ensure you're satisfied while protecting your hearing and transforming the way you listen!

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Listen freely and imagine the possibilities with your new lifestyle.

It's never too late to change the way you listen and the way you live while using your Google ear tips. Happy ears means a happier you! Discover your happiness and try out our assorted size pack to help find your fit!
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