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  • Comply™ SonicFilters - Hearing Protection Earplugs
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Comply™ SonicFilters

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Acoustic Filter Hearing Protection Earplugs

Comply™ SonicFilters are high-tech earplugs engineered specifically for concert-goers, musicians, marching bands, drum lines, industrial workers, dentists, travelers, and more! Turning down the volume, they cut the intensity of environmental sound without degrading the experience.  Typical earplugs muffle the mid and high frequencies distorting the sound. Comply™ SonicFilters use acoustic baffling and high-pass filters to even out the sound blocking across the entire frequency spectrum. These plugs will revolutionize the acoustic experience anytime you need to retain sound quality without damaging your hearing.

The precise design and attention to detail make Comply™ SonicFilters the top choice for those who need superb isolation, a secure fit, and all-day comfort or for those who simply want to Cut the Intensity and Amp up the sound!

Ultra-Soft Comfort
The unique, breathable memory foam is activated by body heat to provide all-day comfort without in-ear fatigue and irritation.

Superior In-Ear Protection
Comply™ SonicFilters protect against damage to the ear from continuous harmful exposure to loud or extreme noise.

Hi-Fidelity Retention
Comply™ Foam Plugs keep music and speech clear without muffling the sound.

Secure Fit
The Tips on these plugs use memory foam to gently seal the ear canal to create a custom fit for increased retention.






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Noise Reduction Rating - NRR 15dB

Package includes:
- 1 pair Plugs
- 1 pair of replacement Comply™ Isolation T-100 Foam Tips (medium
- 1 travel pouch


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