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Make your favorite earbuds even better with Comply™ Foam Tips for Google Pixel Buds A-Series
  • Image 1
  • Image 1: AirPods Stay Put - Conforms perfectly to your ear for a secure fit, no matter what.
  • Image 2: Comply™ Premium Memory Foam tips for AirPods™ Pro
  • Image 3: Made to fit in charging cases without interfering with charging.
  • Image 4: Easy to install - Clicks into place, stays securely on device.
  • Image 5: Available in Small, Medium and Large sizes to provide a custom fit for your ear.
  • Image 6: Advanced design technology - Heat Activated Memory Foam, Precision Fit Technology so the tip "snaps" onto the device, Mesh Protector keeps device free of dust and debris.

Comply™ Foam Tips 2.0 Compatible with AirPods™ Pro

APP 2.0 Description:
Soft foam earbud tips for AirPods Pro offer all day comfort and reduce ear pain. You’ll get the best listening experience, whether you’re working from home, working out, on a video call or just relaxing.
APP 2.0 Description #2:
These replacement memory foam earbud tips are easy to install and stay securely on; fit in charging case without interfering with charging; and offer a comfortable custom in-ear fit.
Maximum Purchase:
5 unit(s)

 Please note that the SKU used on our website may vary from the SKU used for our international distribution partners.  Please reference our Distributors page for an accurate list of authorized global Comply partners.


Step 1: Reference the size of the existing stock silicone tip you are using. Step 2: Assess the fit of the stock silicone tip in your ear using either the Apple Fit Test or simply by determining by feel if the tip is loose, snug, too large or generally uncomfortable. Step 3: If you are comfortable with the current size of your stock tip, order the same size for your new Comply tip. If the stock tip is too small, then select the next size up when choosing your Comply tip. If the stock tip is too large, then select the size down when choosing your Comply tip. If you require a different size for each ear, then order the Assorted Comply Tip option, which will come with 1 pair of each size (Small, Medium & Large).

Step 1: Align the inner core of your Comply tip with the oval sound port of your AirPods Pro device. Step 2: Push your Comply tip straight on to the AirPods Pro sound port until you hear a "click". Step 3: Before placing the device into your ear, pick both sides of your new Comply tip to compress the foam. Step 4: Insert your AirPods Pro into your ear, and hold them in place while your Comply tip gently expands within your ear. Step 5: To remove your Comply Tip from the device, firmly pinch the tip and peel it off the device to one side.

Did you accidentally order the wrong size Comply tip? Not to worry, we have you covered! Simply contact our support team either via our website, or by emailing, and let us know that you ordered the wrong size. We will make it right for you by providing you with a new set of tips of a different size!