Comply™ 400 Series Foam Ear Tips

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Compatible with: Beats Powerbeats Pro & Flex, Sennheiser IE 300, Bose QuietComfort 20, Campfire Audio Andromeda, 7Hertz Timeless, Loop Earplug, Sony IER-M7, Ikko OH10 and more Still unsure about compatibility? Use our Tip Selector!
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  • Soft memory foam replacement earbud tips make all-day listening more comfortable, secure and vibrant.

    These New 100 Series ear tips have different shape options to customize your listening experience.  

    • The Original TZ-100, the NEW! Round 2.0 TRZ-100 and the NEW! Oval TOZ-100.
    • Not sure which shape will fit you best? Choose the variety pack and receive 1 pair of each; Original, Round 2.0 and Oval all with TechDefender™.

    Comply™ replacement ear tips are softer than silicone, cost-effective, simple to install, and backed by our 100% Guaranteed Fit Program.

    • Comply Comfort: Maximize your earbud comfort and eliminate earbud pain caused by silicone tips. Comply foam ear tips are made for all-day comfort. Body-heat activated memory foam adapts and molds to your ear, providing a completely customized fit for hours of comfortable listening.
    • Earbuds Stay In Place: Never let your earbuds fall out again. Comply memory foam ear tips are engineered to conform to your ear, providing a better grip than silicone. Whether exercising, working, or going about your day, our replacement tips will keep your earbuds from falling out.
    • Block Out Noise: Our heat-activated memory foam expands in your ear, creating a superior seal to reduce distractions and improve noise cancellation for an exceptional audio experience. Elevate your sound at lower volumes and help protect your hearing.
    • TechDefender™: These ear tips include TechDefender™, an acoustically transparent foam that protects your earbuds and in ear monitors from wax, sweat, debris and moisture.
    • Tip Lifespan: The lifespan for these tips depends on use and averages 2-3 months per pair. How you use the tips, body chemistry (earwax, oils, etc.), and the environment will affect how long your tips last. Replace when the tips flake, tear or lose memory foam properties such as expanding too quickly. Tips will deteriorate if exposed to alcohol-based cleaners, hand sanitizers or lotions.

    Compatible with Beats Powerbeats Pro & Flex, Sennheiser IE 300, Bose QuietComfort 20, Campfire Audio Andromeda, 7Hertz Timeless, Loop Earplug, Sony IER-M7, Ikko OH10 and more (see compatibility tab.)

    When in doubt, use the Tip Finder to ensure compatibility or the compatibility tab for a list of some most popular devices. 

    (see compatibility tab.)

    Installation Instructions

    Step One

    Remove the eartips from your wired earbuds.

    Step Two

    Angle the Comply eartip and insert it over the soundport. Firmly press down until tip fits securely on the device. Ensure the tip is secure before use.

    Step Three

    Roll the tip between your fingers into a thin, round cylinder.

    Step Four

    Gently insert the entire eartip into your ear and hold it in for 10-15 seconds.

  • Tips are compatible with these devices:

    1More Dual Driver ANC
    7Hertz Legato
    7Hertz Timeless
    ADL EH008
    AIAIAI Pipe
    AIAIAI Swirl
    AKG® IP-2
    AKG® K-324
    AKG® K-370
    AKG® K-390
    AKG® K391 NC
    AKG® N40
    Altec Lansing® BackBeat Classic (UHP106)
    Altec Lansing® BackBeat Plus (UHP206)
    Altec Lansing® BackBeat Pro (UHP606)
    Altec Lansing® BackBeat Titanium (UHP326)
    Altec Lansing® Bliss Platinum
    Altec Lansing® Bliss Silver
    Altec Lansing® Múzx
    Altec Lansing® Múzx Core
    Altec Lansing® Múzx Mesh
    Altec Lansing® Múzx Ultra
    Altec Lansing® Muzx XX
    Altec Lansing® Múzx XY
    Anker Soundcore Soundbuds Curve
    Anker Soundcore SoundBuds Surge
    Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro
    Anker Soundcore Spirit Sport
    Anker Soundcore Spirit X
    Audiofly™ AF33C
    Audiofly™ AF56M
    Audio-Technica® ATH-ANC100BTBK
    Audio-Technica® ATH-ANC23
    Audio-Technica® ATH-ANC3
    Audio-Technica® ATH-ANC33iS
    Audio-Technica® ATH-CKR100
    Audio-Technica® ATH-CKR7TW
    Audio-Technica® ATH-CKS55
    Audio-Technica® ATH-Sport70BT
    Aurisonics Rocket
    AWEI ES900i
    Beats™ BeatsX
    Beats™ Powerbeats High-Performance
    Beats™ Powerbeats Pro
    Beats™ Powerbeats®
    Beats™ Powerbeats® 3
    Beats™ Powerbeats®2
    Beats™ Flex
    Beats™ Heartbeats® by Lady Gaga (new)
    Beats™ iBeats™ All Versions
    Beats™ Tour®
    Beats™ Tour® 2
    Beats™ Tour® 2.0
    Beats™ UrBeats®3
    Belkin PureAV 006
    beyerdynamic DTX 60
    beyerdynamic DTX 71 iE
    beyerdynamic DX 160 iE
    beyerdynamic iDX 120 iE
    beyerdynamic iDX 160 iE
    beyerdynamic iDX 200 iE
    Blon x Z Reviews JoJo
    Blue Ant® Ribbon
    Bose® QuietComfort® 20
    Bowers & Wilkins C5 Series 1 & 2
    Brainwavz Alpha
    Brainwavz Beta
    Brainwavz BLU100
    Brainwavz BLU-200
    Brainwavz Delta
    Brainwavz Jive
    Brainwavz M2
    Brainwavz M3
    Brainwavz M4
    Brainwavz M5
    Brainwavz Omega
    Brainwavz ProAlpha
    Brainwavz S0
    Brainwavz S1
    Brainwavz S3
    Brainwavz S5
    Brainwavz XFit XF-200
    Campfire Audio Andromeda
    Campfire Audio Andromeda S
    Campfire Audio Atlas
    Campfire Audio Comet
    Campfire Audio Dorado
    Campfire Audio Jupiter
    Campfire Audio Lyra
    Campfire Audio Lyra II
    Campfire Audio NOVA
    Campfire Audio Orion
    Campfire Audio Polaris
    Campfire Audio Vega
    Carvin EM902
    Creative EP-630
    Creative EP-830
    Dearear Joyous
    Degauss Labs™ Dual Driver
    Degauss Labs™ Howl
    Degauss Labs™ Noir
    Degauss Labs™ Sabotage Royale
    Denon AH-C100
    Denon AH-C120
    Denon AH-C252
    Denon AH-C260R
    Denon AH-C300
    Denon AH-C351
    Denon AH-C452
    Denon AH-C551
    Denon AH-C560R
    Denon AH-C620
    Denon AH-C620R
    Denon AH-C700
    Denon AH-C710
    Denon AH-C720
    Denon AH-C751
    Denon AH-NC600
    Denon AH-W150
    Denon AH-W200
    Dita Answer
    Dunu Ares DN-11
    Dunu Detonator DN-22M
    Dunu Hephaes DN-16
    Dunu Titan S
    Dunu Trident DN-12
    Dynamic Motion DM100
    Earin M1
    Echobox Audio Finder
    Echobox Audio Nomad
    Echobox Audio Traveler
    Elecom EHP-C3550MX1
    Elecom EHP-C3560
    Elecom EHP-CH1000GD
    Elecom EHP-CH-2000SGD
    Fender DXA1 Pro
    Fender FXA11
    Fender FXA2
    Fender FXA2 Pro
    Fender FXA5
    Fender FXA6
    Fender FXA7
    Fender FXA9
    Fender PureSonic Premium Wireless
    Fender PureSonic Wired
    Fender PureSonic Wireless
    Fidue A83
    Final Audio Design FI-BA-SS
    Final Audio Design FI-BA-SST
    Fischer Audio Consonance Pro
    Fischer Audio Equilibrium v.2
    Fischer Audio Eterna rev.2
    Fischer Audio Genesis
    Fischer Audio Marcus
    Fischer Audio Silver Bullet (All)
    Fostex TE-03
    Fostex TE-05
    Fostex TE-07
    HiFiMAN™ RE-0
    HiFiMAN™ RE-1
    HiFiMAN™ RE-2
    HiFiMAN™ RE-262
    HiFiMAN™ RE-272
    HiFiMAN™ RE-400 Waterline
    HiFiMAN™ RE-600
    HiFiMAN™ RE-ZERO Special Edition
    House of Marley Conqueror
    House of Marley Little Bird
    House of Marley Midnight Ravers
    House of Marley People Get Ready
    House of Marley Redemption Song
    House of Marley Smile Jamaica
    House of Marley Zion
    iFrogz™ Coda Buds
    iFrogz™ EarPollution EVOLUTION
    iFrogz™ EarPollution Ozone
    iFrogz™ EarPollution Timbre
    iFrogz™ Spectra
    Ikko OH10
    InEar® StageDiver
    i.Tech Dynamic MusicBand 6300
    i.Tech Dynamic MusicClip 8100
    i.Tech Dynamic ProStereo F4
    i.Tech Dynamic ProStereo H2
    Jabra® Rox
    Jabra® Vox
    JayBird® Tiger Eyes
    JBL® Everest™ 110
    JBL® Everest™ Elite 100
    JBL® LIVE 200BT
    JBL® Quantum 50
    JBL® Synchros E10
    JBL® Under Armour Sport Wireless
    JLab® Audio Epic2
    JVC® HA-EBX85
    JVC® HA-FR201
    JVC® HA-FR26
    JVC® HA-FR46
    JVC® HA-FX101
    JVC® HA-FX1X
    JVC® HA-FX22
    JVC® HA-FX300
    JVC® HA-FX40
    JVC® HA-FX46
    JVC® HA-FX5
    JVC® HA-FX55
    JVC® HA-FX650
    JVC® HA-FX66
    JVC® HA-FX67
    JVC® HA-FX750
    JVC® HA-FXP3
    JVC® HA-FXT200
    JVC® HA-FXZ100
    JVC® HA-FXZ200
    JVC® HA-NCX77
    JVC® HC-FR65
    JVC® Marshmallow (All)
    JVC® Riptidz HA-FX8
    JVC® Victor HA-FXT90
    JVC® Xtreme Xplosives HA-FX3X
    KBEAR Xuanwu
    KICKER® EB101
    KICKER® EB102 Valid
    KICKER® EB102MB Valid Talk
    KICKER® EB141
    KICKER® EB72 Flow
    KICKER® EB72MB Flow Talk
    Kiwi Ears Dolce
    Koss® KEB 30k
    Koss® RUK 30k
    KYGO Life E2-400
    KYGO Life E4-1000
    KYGO Life E4-600
    KZ ZS3
    Leophile Zero
    LG HBS-500 Tone+
    LG HBS-700 Tone
    LG HBS-730 Tone+
    LG HBS-750 Tone Pro
    LG HBS-770 Tone Pro
    LG HBS-800 Tone Ultra
    LG HBS-900 Tone Infinim
    LG HBS-910 Tone Infinim
    LG HBS-A80 Tone Active
    LG Tone Flex HBS-XL7
    Libratone Track+
    Linner NC50
    Logitech G333
    LZ A4
    Maroo Gem
    Maroo Ice
    MEE Audio® Crystal
    MEE Audio® M9/M9P
    MEE Audio® RX18/RX18P
    Meze 11 Classics
    Meze Rai Penta
    Meze Rai Solo
    Miiego M1
    Monoprice 8320 Enhanced Bass Hi-Fi
    Monoprice 8322 Hi-Fi Stud
    Monoprice 9927 Enhanced Bass Hi-Fi
    Monoprice 9960 Enhanced Bass Hi-Fi
    Monoprice 9963 Enhanced Bass Hi-Fi
    Monster® Butterfly™
    Monster® Inspiration™
    Monster® Jamz™
    Monster® Lil' Jamz™
    Monster® Miles Davis Tribute™
    MPOW A1
    MUNITIO™ Billets™ 9mm
    MUNITIO™ Billets™ MW3
    NUARL NE01
    NUARL NX310A
    NuForce NE-6
    NuForce NE-600M
    NuForce NE-600X
    NuForce NE-700M
    NuForce NE-700X
    NuForce NE750M
    NuForce NE-7M
    NuForce NE-8
    NuForce NE800M
    Nura Loop
    Oriveti Basic
    Oriveti OH500
    Ortolan e-Q8
    Ostry KC06
    Panasonic® RP-HC30
    Panasonic® RP-HC55
    Panasonic® RP-HDE3
    Panasonic® RP-HJE120
    Panasonic® RP-HJE300
    Panasonic® RP-HJE350
    Panasonic® RP-HJE450
    Panasonic® RP-HJE550
    Panasonic® RP-HJE70
    Panasonic® RP-HJE900
    Panasonic® RP-TCM125
    Phaiser BHS-530
    Phaiser BHS-730
    Phaiser BHS-750
    Phaiser BHS-760
    Phaiser BHS-790
    Phaiser BHS-930
    Phiaton® BT 220 NC
    Phiaton® Moderna MS 200
    Phiaton® PS 202 NC
    Phiaton® PS 210
    Phiaton® PS 210 BTNC
    Phiaton® PS 210i
    Philips® ActionFit SHQ3400
    Philips® O'Neill Tread
    Philips® O'Niell The Specked
    Philips® SHE390
    Philips® SHE8000
    Philips® SHE8500
    Philips® SHE9000
    Philips® SHE9005
    Philips® SHE9500
    Philips® SHE9600
    Philips® SHE9700
    Philips® SHE9800
    Philips® SHN2500
    Philips® SHS8000
    Philips® SHS8100
    Pioneer Rayz
    Pioneer Rayz Plus
    Pioneer SE-C7BT
    Pioneer SE-CL331-H
    Pioneer SE-CL721
    Pioneer SE-NC31C-K
    Plantronics® BackBeat Fit 300
    Plantronics® Virtual Phone Booth
    Plantronics® Voyager 855 Bluetooth
    Polk Audio Ultra Fit 3000
    Polk Audio Ultra Focus 6000
    Radius Atomic Bass
    Radius HP-TWF11R
    Razer Adaro
    Razer Moray +
    RBH EP1
    RBH EP2
    RHA CL1
    RHA Cl2 Planar
    RHA CL750
    RHA MA350
    RHA MA390
    RHA MA450i
    RHA MA650 Wireless
    RHA MA750 Wireless
    RHA MA750i
    RHA S500
    RHA T10i
    RHA T20i
    Rowkin™ Pulse
    Samsung EHS64
    Samsung HS-330
    Sennheiser™ AMBEO Smart Headset
    Sennheiser™ CX 1.00
    Sennheiser™ CX 150BT
    Sennheiser™ CX 2.00
    Sennheiser™ CX 200
    Sennheiser™ CX 215
    Sennheiser™ CX 275s
    Sennheiser™ CX 300
    Sennheiser™ CX 300-II
    Sennheiser™ CX 350BT
    Sennheiser™ CX 400-II
    Sennheiser™ CX 500
    Sennheiser™ CX 6
    Sennheiser™ IE 300
    Sennheiser™ IE 4
    Sennheiser™ IE 40 Pro
    Sennheiser™ IE 400 Pro
    Sennheiser™ IE 500 Pro
    Sennheiser™ IE 60
    Sennheiser™ MM 30i
    Sennheiser™ MM 50
    Sennheiser™ MM 70s
    Sennheiser™ MM 80i
    Skullcandy™ FIX
    Softbank WS-7000NC
    SOL Republic Jax
    Sony® IER-M7
    Sony® MDR-EX75
    Sony® MDR-NC22
    Sony® MDR-XB80BS
    Sony® NWZ-W262
    Sony® WI-C400
    Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970
    Sony Ericsson MW600
    SOUL® Electronics Fly
    SOUL® Electronics Run Free
    SOUL® Electronics SL49
    SOUL® Electronics SL99
    SOUL® Electronics SL99BW
    SoundMAGIC E10
    SoundMAGIC E10M
    SoundMAGIC E30
    SoundMAGIC E50
    SoundMAGIC E50S
    SoundMAGIC E80
    SoundMAGIC E80S
    SoundMAGIC ES18
    SoundMAGIC PL11
    SoundMAGIC PL-30
    SoundOFF Sleep
    Sudio Klang
    Symphonized NRG
    TaoTronics TT-BH10
    TDK EB750
    TDK EB900
    TDK EB950
    TDK IE500
    TDK IE800
    TDK NC350
    TDK TH-ECMA600
    Teufel Aureol Fidelity
    Teufel Move
    TFZ T2G
    ThieAudio Elixir
    thinksound™ ms01
    thinksound™ ts02
    thinksound™ ts02+mic
    Tin Hifi C5
    Tin Hifi T2
    Tin HiFi (Linsoul) T3
    Tin HiFi (Linsoul) T4
    Treblab X2
    Treblab XR800
    Trinity Audio Hyperion
    Ultimate Ears Metro.Fi 150
    Ultimate Ears Metro.Fi 170
    Ultimate Ears Metro.Fi 200
    Ultimate Ears Metro.Fi 220
    Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 4
    Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5
    Ultimate Ears UE 100
    URBANEARS™ Bagis
    URBANEARS™ Kransen
    V-MODA™ bass freq
    V-MODA™ Bass Fréq Metal
    V-MODA™ faze
    V-MODA™ remix
    V-MODA™ sport series
    V-MODA™ True Blood REVAMP
    V-MODA™ vibe
    V-MODA™ vibe II
    V-MODA™ vibe-duo
    V-MODA™ vibrato
    VSonic GR02
    VSonic GR07
    VSonic R02
    VSonic VSD1
    Whizzer Kylin A-HE03
    Xiaomi Piston II
    Yamaha EP-E70A
    Yamaha EPH-20
    Yamaha EPH-30
    Yamaha EPH-50

  • Comply™ 400 Series replaces Sport Pro 400, Isolation 400, Comfort 400, and Variety Pack 400

    If you previously ordered Sport Pro 400, Isolation 400, or Comfort 400, or Variety Pack 400, now order the Comply™ 400 Series with these options:

    T-400 OriginalOriginalNo
    TZ-400 OriginalOriginalYes
    TRZ-400 Round 2.0RoundYes
    TOZ-400 OvalOvalYes
    VP-400Variety Pack (1 pair of each shape)Yes


    Polyurethane foam, thermoplastic elastomer (all RoHS compliant).

    Does not contain latex.


    Small: 10.16 mm± 0.65 mm (0.400" ± 0.025")
    Medium: 10.67 mm ± 0.65 mm (0.420" ± 0.025")
    Large: 11.18 mm ± 0.65 mm (0.440" ± 0.025")

    Width/Maximum Outside Diameter:

    Small: 12.27 mm ± 0.50 mm (0.483" ± 0.020")
    Medium: 13.31 mm ± 0.50 mm (0.524" ± 0.020")
    Large: 14.48 mm ± 0.50 mm (0.570" ± 0.020") 

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