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How to Keep AirPods Pro From Falling Out? Why It Happens & How To Solve For It

Keeping Your AirPods Pro From Falling Out - The Daily Struggle Many Users Relate To

The love for AirPods Pro is real and so is the secure fit enthusiasts strive for

Much like most wireless earbuds on the market, the and AirPods Pro Gen 1 & 2 and AirPods all have the same annoying yet solvable problem — occasionally falling out of the ear and pain after extended use. 

This is frustrating, especially for athletes, tella-workers, and your everyday person on the go. I see it all the time. I’m at the gym, and people on the treadmill constantly adjusting their AirPods Pro or at the coffee shop taking one earbud out to give their ear a rest from the pain and pressure. Maybe this has happened to you-- AirPods Pro are in; you’re jamming to the music, and with just one swift movement -- plop, they land on your lap or worse (or lost). The struggle is real! Good news, you’re not alone. You’ll find people looking for recommendations on sites like Reddit with the same issue. 

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It frustrates some that they want to sell or replace them with another brand. Well, fortunately for you, I have a few straightforward solutions for your problem.  

1) Do your AirPods Pro fall out easily?  

2) What can you do to improve its fit?  

Reasons Why Your AirPods Pro May Fall Out

Here are three factors likley contributing to your experience.

First, let me be clear. I love Apple AirPods Pro. My kids and my husband wear them, and I’d buy them for my parents if I thought they’d use earbuds. 

They are a high-performing electronic device that rivals even the most high-end sporty earbuds. They are by far the most popular brand of earbuds amongst the U.S. population, no matter if you’re a homemaker, an exercise enthusiast, or an audiophile.  


So, why is it that they fall out of people’s ears? Why is this such a common problem? 

  1. Wrong ear tip size
  2. Silicone ear tips
  3. Moisture or ear debris preventing a secure-fit

Let’s take a look – shall we? 

1. Wrong Ear Tip Size - The Inevitable Cause of a Loose Fit

Knowing what size ear tips fits best can help your AirPods Pro from falling out

You may fall into the 10% of AirPods Pro users that struggle to keep them in your ear. Well, as the ear canal experts. We’ve done extensive studies by Bob Olivera, our founder. His vision was to ensure that each person’s canal could have the perfect fit.  

Most consumer electronics often use silicone as a less expensive material to attach to their tip. So they sell their devices with silicon ear tips in Small, Medium and Large sizes. This is great as it lets you find the right fit for your ear. Even if one of your canals so you can find the right fit for your ear canal.  

However, even though only 10% seems small, that percentage increases when talking about your athletes and includes ear pain from prolonged use. Ask any tell a-worker that uses earbuds. They have to take a break from them because they just hurt after a while. Again – look at the forums and comments of those on Reddit.  

So if you’ve tested and found the right size, BUT they are still falling out OR, you need to “take a break” from your AirPods Pro… So let’s look at the next reason this is happening. 

2. Silicone Ear Tips On Your AirPods Pro & Other Devices

A usual stock tip for many earbids, silicone ear tips have their pros and cons

This reason, and likely the most obvious for me, is silicone. Let me be first clear. I have no allergy’s to the material, nor do I snub my nose at companies for putting the product in their packages. However, suppose you're in the 10% that have problems with them falling out. In that case, there's an additional percentage of the user who complains of ear pain after prolonged use. Well, then, you are in the right place. 


Yes, to a certain extent, the silicone tips did solve the problem of AirPods Pro falling out of people’s ears. However, they are slippery when wet (moist), prone to dirt accumulation on the surface, and allow debris to get into the sound port affecting the quality over time.  

My solution for my family and friends, no matter what brand of earbuds they use. I tell them to buy our AirPods Pro Ear Tips. Here at Comply™, we have premium memory foam ear tips engineered to enhance sound quality, secure and comfortable in-ear fit, and most have a moisture and debris guard -- the TechDefender™.  


You don’t need to take my word for it. Again, the forums and tech lovers alike rave about our products. If you didn’t see it – remember the Toms Guide article from Jan 2023, or what about the YouTube reviewer Pete Matheson with his video below showing How to stop AirPods from falling out of your ears. There are many more of these unsolicited reviews from people that love our products.  

3. Moisture and Ear Debris

A usual stock tip for many earbuds, silicone ear tips have their pros and cons.

I don’t want to steal the thunder from our next blog post or go on and on about why keeping your tips, devices, and cases clean is essential. It’s a dirty wormhole, and I’ll save the details until the next post. For now, know this – keep your tips clean, and your ears will thank you.  

Closing Thoughts About AirPod Pros Falling Out

Reviewing how AirPods Pro fall out and what we can do to solve this issue.

If you have been struggling with your silicone tips or feel there could be a better solution. There is! No need to use the “waterproof tape” method I’ve seen posted in other’s blogs and there is no need to add silicone ear hooks to the device (they can’t fit in the case – then you risk losing the hooks and the irritation cycle starts all over again). Don’t even waste your money on the AirPods Straps. Seriously, why did you buy a wireless device if you are going to add straps to them? Little fun here – but they remind me of the old librarians in grade school that attached them to their glasses.  


The only logical solution for me and the people I talk to is the Comply Ear Tips for AirPods Pro. Rest assured, if you don’t know your tip size before ordering – don’t worry. We have a guaranteed fit program. You can also order the assorted size pack and get the best comfort from your new foam replacement ear tips. Yes, there is a life span on these tips. Depending on usage and body chemistry, the foam will break down. So one of our three-pair packs should last the average user around nine months.  

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