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For any lifestyle, there is a perfect Comply™ Foam eartip.

NEW AND IMPROVED! Sport Plus (Sx-Series) Tips are the ideal earphone tip for workouts and active lifestyles. Designed with isolating, breathable memory foam, Sport Tips grip better than silicone tips for a super secure fit to keep earbuds in place. The integrated SweatGuard™ protects your earphones and keeps moisture, sweat, and debris out. Say goodbye to earphones falling out of yours ears. Sport Tips mean you can move freely.

Best for: athletes, active lifestyles, sweaty ears

Earphones have different soundport nozzle designs and sizes. We have tips to fit them all, based on 4 main models (100, 200, 400, and 500). Use our Fit Finder to see which model is right for your earphone:

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