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You don’t have to be a total audiophile to know a great earbud when you see one. Ditch the complicated world of crummy earphone tips and step into the land of great fit and better sound—welcome to Comply™ Foam. A Comply™ Foam earphone tip replaces your shapeless and irritating silicone rubber tips with ones crafted from our proprietary viscoelastic foam technology.

There are thousands of earphones out there, all of which have different soundport designs. So, we have many versions of Comply™ tips to ensure a secure fit on most earphones. 

How do I find compatible tips for my earphones?

Find Your Fit

Shop IsolationBullet-shaped for increased noise isolation.
Best for: everyday listeners, and musicians.

Shop SportPerfect stay in ear fit to keep earphones in place during rigorous activity while blocking out sweat. 
Best for: athletes who want to stay in the zone

Shop ComfortRound-shaped for maximum comfort during long-listening sessions.
Best for: commuters and travelers, audiophiles, music-enthusiasts, and office workers.

Shop VarietyTry all the Comply™ tips! There is no one way to listen to music.
Best for: New Comply™ users, listeners who use earphones for different applications.

Truly Wireless - Shop Tw-SeriesEnhanced seal and secure fit, with reduced tip length for small charge cases.
Best for
: Truly wireless earbud users.

Hear Clearly - Shop P-SeriesLonger length for deeper in-ear fit and maximum noise isolation.
Best for
: audiophiles, performers, and workers in loud environments.

Customize Quicker - Shop Customer WrapsMemory foam strips to perfect the seal and comfort of your custom-molded IEMs.
Best for: musicians, audiophiles, any custom-molded IEM user.

Listen Safely - Shop Comply PlugsNow, life needs a volume knob. These earplugs lessen volume by 15dB and keep quality true.
Best for: concert-goers, construction workers, sporting event go-ers, travelers, and more.


If you’re one of the masses frustrated with poor sound quality, fleeting bass, tin-sounding tunes and plugging your earbuds back into your ears every 200 meters on your jog, find salvation in the best thing to ever happen to earphones. Premium Comply Foam tips feel as if they were tailored to your ear canal as they offer earphone fit and comfort like you’ve never experienced before.
Our exclusive materials expand to fit even the most finicky ear’s nooks and crannies, so ambient noise stays outside and the noise that matters sounds exactly as it should. Get lost in live recordings and feel the bass as if you were standing next to the thudding amps. Comply Foam earbud tips offer superior sound isolation and sit snugly in your ear for the ultimate in-ear retention—even during the sweatiest of workouts.

Win the Battle Against Bad Sound and Poor Fit
The creator of the planet’s best earphone tip replacements is a chronic inventor seeking to improve what everyone else has seemingly settled with over the past few years. While others may be complacent with poor-quality silicone rubber earbud tips, Dr. Bob wasn’t ready to wave the white flag against earbuds that diminished sound quality, let too much sound in and simply didn’t fit his ears.
After all, the shape of your ear canal is pretty unique just like you. It even changes shape when you open and close your jaw, and it varies with an individual’s weight, age and level of hydration (who knew?). The fact that mass manufacturers have been doling out one-size-fits-all earphones for years is absurd. Stop the insanity and take back great sound and premium fit—get Comply Foam, the best-fitting earbud tip for all.
The Best Darn Earbud Tips for the Everyman
Comply Foam has expanded and perfected its products to focus on specific aspects of earphone use. Wanna listen longer? No problem. Want your earphones to stay put? We got your back. Going truly wireless with your earphones? Duh, we’ve fixed that, too. We have developed replacement earbud tips that apply to however you plan on using your earbuds. After all, you may have paid a lot for that technology, so why not get the most out of earphones by dumping the ill-fitting tips that came stock and investing in the best thing to happen to music since the transistor radio?
Consumer Products with Audiophile Quality
What are you waiting for? The sound quality you deserve is waiting. Once you feel the cushion and quality of the world’s first memory foam earbud tip, there’s no going back. Simply click around and find the fit—or fits—of premium Comply Foam earbud replacement tips that fit your ear and your lifestyle.

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