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Level Up Your Listening Experience with the New Truegrip Pro Tips for Jabra 65t/75t!
  • Variety Pack 200

Variety Pack 200

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Sx-200, T-200 & Ts-200

There is no one way to enjoy audio, try them all to see which Comply™ Foam tip fits you and your lifestyle.

Whether you’re an audiophile or casual music lover, you don’t limit your music listening to one location or setting - so why should you limit your earphone tip game to only one pair of foam tips? You need foam tips that will complement your active and versatile lifestyle - that’s where the Variety Pack 200 comes in. By including Sport Pro, Isolation, and Comfort foam tip models, we’ve ensured that no matter the occasion, your music will continue to sound the best that it possibly can.

Best for: New Comply™ users, listeners who have multiple earphones, listeners who use earphones for different applications (for example, working out and commuting).

What's Included:

Sport Pro Sx-200

At Comply™ we understand that music is sometimes the only thing that can push you to take the next step, run the extra mile, or stretch just that little bit further; that’s why we’ve made sure that our Sport Pro Series foam tips deliver impeccable sound quality, no matter what. By conforming to the individual shape of the wearer’s ear canal, our Sport Pro Series Tips are able to put their incredible viscoelastic memory foam technology to work. This technology allows for the Foam Tips to reacts to changes in temperature, body movement, and even hydration levels to ensure that they maintain a tight, non-irritating, custom seal.

How did our engineers craft nonslip headphones? The answer lies in our proprietary memory foam blend; this specialized foam blend is 30 times softer than silicone and is heat activated, meaning that your Sport Pro Series Foam Tips will create a custom ear canal seal with each use. Lastly, your Comply™ Foam Sport Pro Series Foam Tips have the ability to protect your headphones from sweat and debris with their one-of-a-kind TechDefender™ Protection technology. The TechDefender™ itself is an acoustically transparent filter that rests within the Foam Tips and works to protect the core of your earphones from component corrosion and loss of sound quality due to perspiration. 

Isolation T-200

Put the days of noise distractions to an end with the Comply™ Foam Isolation 200 Foam Tips. These Tips have been created to let the listener focus on their work, favorite album, newest podcast, or thrilling audiobook without distraction. Our dedicated engineers were able to create these isolating Foam Tips only after years of research into the inner workings of the ear canal while simultaneously studying how best to protect and enhance a user’s hearing.

Isolation 200 Foam Tips will gently mold to your ear canal to deliver peak sound quality while filtering out background noise; on the bus, at the office, or in the gym, your Foam Tips will let you focus on what matters most. Our innovative Isolation Foam Tips are perfect for thrill seekers as well, whether you enjoy flying down the highway on your motorcycle or leaping out of airplanes - hear the information you need and none of the distractions you don’t.

Comfort Ts-200

All Comply™ Foam Tips are comfortable, but there’s something special about the Comfort 200s. These specialized foam tips have been created for all-day use; meaning that your ears won’t be left feeling sore or itchy after long listening sessions. With a rounder, more pillowy, design, the Comfort 200 Foam Tips make up the natural listening portion of the Variety Pack 200. The Sport Pro Series offers the best of the best when it comes to listening while being active, the Isolation 200 Tips can keep out even the most annoying distractions, and the Comfort 200 Foam Tips can last through even your longest international flights or cross country treks. 

With a unique design and makeup, the Comfort 200 Foam Tips gently mold to your ear canal to deliver peak sound quality while naturally filtering out background noise. Standard silicone tips are not soft enough to stay in your ear for extended periods without causing discomfort. When you use your Comfort 200 Foam Tips from your Comply™ Variety Pack, you’ll be able to listen to track after track without worrying about ear fatigue.

Compatible Brands with Comply’s 200 Core Size Earphone Tips

Popular earphone brands compatible with 200 series earbuds include Sony, Atomic Floyd, Monster, Philips, Ultimate Ears and more. These brands produce some of the highest-quality audio tech available—why compromise high-fidelity sound with shoddy eartips? Stop leaking sound and start locking it in. Hear the music for what it’s worth and get the most out of your finely tuned earphones.  

Not sure if the 200 core size will fit on your earphones?

Use our Fit Finder below to find the right Comply™ Foam tips for your earphones!

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Advantages of Comply™ Foam Replacement Earphone Tips

With each pair of Foam Tips in the Variety 500 pack, you’ll notice the following advantages.

Maximum Comfort: With unique rounded or oval shapes, plus a proprietary memory foam blend that is 30x softer than silicone, all of the Foam Tips in the Variety 500 pack will provide maximum comfort with no ear fatigue or itching. 

External Noise Isolation: While most notable in the Isolation Tips, each set of Comply™ Foam tips has been created to block out external disruptions. Listen to your audio when you want, where you want, without any distractions.  

Superior Audio Experience: By employing a perfect ear canal seal, Comply™ Foam tips funnel pure sound directly into the ear, resulting in a one-of-a-kind audio experience.

Heat Activated Memory Foam: Our proprietary memory foam blend has been crafted to create a custom seal with your ear when it comes in contact with your body heat. This means that as your temperature changes during the day your Foam Tips will change with you. It is this technology that keeps your Comply™ Foam Tips in your ear and not popping out. 

Unique Design and Makeup: Each pair of Foam Tips in the Variety 500 Pack has a unique shape, allowing them to excel at their intended function.



Colors: Black

Materials: Polyurethane foam, thermoplastic elastomer (all RoHS compliant). Does not contain latex.