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Sport Pro Sx-200


Product Description

Never Miss a Beat Again

For the purebred athlete. For the everyday listener. For the lovers of music. The Sport 200 series earbud tip replacements are ideal for hearty workouts and active lifestyles. Forged from Comply’s patented viscoelastic memory foam, the Sport Plus tips finally let you experience a grip designed to hold on and not let go until your workout is done—no matter how much sweat you work up along the way.
Sport Tips allow you to move freely without the hassle of slipping earphones, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get moving! 

Compatible Brands with Comply’s 200 Core Size Earphone Tips

Popular earphone brands compatible with 200 series earbuds include Sony, Bose, Atomic Floyd, Monster, Philips and more. These brands produce some of the highest-quality audio tech available—why compromise high-fidelity sound with shoddy eartips? Stop leaking sound and start locking it in. Hear the music for what it’s worth and get the most out of your finely tuned earphones.  

Not sure if the 200 core size will fit on your earphones?

Use our Fit Finder below to find the right Comply™ Foam tips for your earphones!

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Sport Pro 200 Features and Benefits

The Best-fitting Earbuds for Working Out: The patented memory foam material of Sport Series earbuds has 200% more grip than the standard silicone rubber tips you’ve been suffering with. This grip means you can jumping jack, downward dog and anything else without having the worry of a rogue earbud falling out of your ear in the middle of a rep. The science behind these earbud tip replacements rests in the research of the ear canal. 

Each ear canal is different. It changes shape as you open and close your jaw, and it varies based on your weight, age and level of hydration (who knew?). What other earbud can adapt to your ear canal, no matter what shape and size it is at the moment, and create a no-slip seal for perfect sound and locked-in listening? Long gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all earbud. Here we believe in a one-size-fits-you mantra.
These heat-activated earbud tips feature super-soft memory foam, a flexible core and superior attenuation so you can listen from mile 1 to 26.2 without sweating achy ears or listening fatigue. The tailored fit to your ear, premier grip of the memory foam and super-soft quality makes for one heckuva earbud tip. 

Technology Meets Foam Earbud: Comply’s extensive research has led to the Sport Series earbud being engineered to create a custom ear canal seal to block out external noise and environmental distractions—no matter how loud the guy is grunting on the leg press next to you. They’re 10x thicker than silicone rubber earbuds, which also means you can turn down the volume and still be able to hear everything your music has to offer.

TechDefender™ Protection: With integrated TechDefender™ protection on Sport SX-series earphone tips, you won’t have to worry about sweat, crud and clutter muddling your soundports thanks to the acoustically transparent filter. When you want earphones geared toward the athlete, Sport 200 earbud tips are your answer. 


Colors: Black

Length/Height: 10.67 mm ± 0.65 mm (0.420" ± 0.025")

Width/Diameter at proximal end (end attaching to device): 

   Small: 10.67 mm ± 0.50 mm (0.420" ± 0.020")
   Medium: 12.45 mm ± 0.50 mm (0.490" ± 0.020")
   Large: 13.97 mm ± 0.50 mm (0.550" ± 0.020")

Materials: Polyurethane foam, thermoplastic elastomer (all RoHS compliant). Does not contain latex.

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