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California Audio Show (CAS) - August 14-16, 2015

CanJam London - August 29-30, 2015

Mobile Fidelity (MoFi) - September 3-5, 2015

CanJam Europe - September 26-27, 2015

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) - October 2-4, 2015

Consumer Electronics Show 2016 (CES 2016) - January 6-9, 2016

Camex 2016 - March 6-8 2016



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Media interested in Hearing Components, Inc. or Comply™ products should contact:

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March 1, 2015

Comply™ Launches Premium In-ear Earphone Tips in India 

March 2015: Comply™ has entered the Indian market in exclusive partnership with Indian distributor Ferrari Video and its retail brand Headphone Zone (

Complyʼs Premium Earphone Tips provide comfort and improve sound quality through memory foam. The unique breathable memory foam provides all-day comfort, while eliminating in-ear irritation and fatigue often associated with stock silicone tips. Activated by body heat, these tips expand to fit the ear canalʼs unique shape, giving the user a custom fit and remarkable in-ear retention without irritation and fatigue.

Recognizing that no single tip can address all consumersʼ desires, Hearing Components offers a full line of earphone tip styles designed to fit usersʼ lifestyles. Complyʼs Premium Earphone Tips satisfy the spectrum of user preferences for sound and comfort.

Their entire product lineup is available in India with prices ranging from Rs.399 for a Single Pair to Rs.1799 for 3 Pairs of Ear Tips.

About Headphone Zone

Comply has partnered with Indian Distributors Ferrari Video, and their retail brand Headphone Zone, to exclusively distribute and market, and offer service and support for their Accessories in India.

Founded in 2012, by Raghav Somani, Headphone Zone is India’s first exclusive Headphones and Earphones Retailer with its first store in Bangalore. A unique concept combining the best of Technology, Fashion and Style, the brand now operates in 7 retail stores in Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai. Recently, Headphone Zone launched India’s first exclusive Webstore for Headphones and Earphones: With a focus on high end premium Headphones, Earphones and Headphone Accessories, Headphone Zone aims to bring the best listening experiences from around the world to India. 


January 6, 2015

New Comply™ Sport Earphone Tips Propel Athletes Forward with Uninterrupted Comfort and Secure Fit 

Comply Sport Plus option featuring new SweatGuard™ technology protects earphone investment without compromising performance

OAKDALE, Minn. (Jan. 6, 2015) – Answering the cry from athletes of all levels for a solution to the discomfort and minor inconveniences caused by their earphones, Hearing Components has introduced a new line of earphone tips: Comply Sport and Sport Plus. Launched at CES 2015 (South Hall 1, booth 21054), Comply Sport and Sport Plus earphone tips are designed to fit the athlete’s lifestyle; providing secure fit and uninterrupted comfort so that they can stay focused and “in the zone.”

“Music is one of the tools that individuals use to stay focused, block out the world and propel themselves forward,” said Steve Trinter, director of sales and marketing for Hearing Components. “As athletes ourselves, we were fed up with earphones that continually fell out and developed Comply Sport as the solution.” 

For users on the move, Comply Sport earphone tips deliver a custom stay-in-place fit, amazing all-day comfort and superior sound quality. The key to the fit is the body-heat activated memory foam which expands to fit the ear canal’s unique shape. The result is custom fit and remarkable in-ear retention so earphones remain snuggly in place even in the presence of moisture.

To help users protect their earphone investment, the Comply Sport Plus tips feature a sweat guard that prevents moisture from entering the earphones’ soundport. The SweatGuard™ technology incorporates an acoustically transparent filter that protects the earphone core from component corrosion and loss of sound quality caused by perspiration.

“As we see more technology integrated into the earbuds – from sensors to wireless receivers – the added weight will impact how well the earbuds stay in the ear,” explains Trinter. “Additionally, the moisture created by physical activity can seep into the earphone and cause corrosion and degradation of the electronic components. With Comply Sport Plus we’re protecting the performance of the equipment as well as the athletic experience.”

The Comply Sport and Sport Plus Earphone Tips can be purchased online at and at major retailers in early 2015. Available in a two-pack, Sport tips are $8.95 and Sport Plus are $12.95. 

For more information about the Comply™ Earphone Tips and the full line of Comply™ products visit


December 7, 2014

Hearing Components receives grant from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders

Grant of nearly $1M to fund research and innovation to preserve hearing in high noise environments

OAKDALE, Minn. (December 7th, 2014) – Hearing Components was recently awarded a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant in the amount of $986,050 from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD).  A research team headed by Dr. Robert Oliveira, President of Hearing Components, and William Parish, Principal Scientist at Hearing Components, received the grant.

With the incidence of hearing loss and treatment costs at an all-time high, this timely grant will help in continuing the decades-long mission of Hearing Components to preserve hearing through research on the development and use of high-attenuation foam for hearing protection.

According to Thad Olson, General Manager of Hearing Components, “Receiving the SBIR grant was a significant achievement for us. This grant allows us to accelerate our commercialization of these special foam materials in order to prevent hearing loss and improve safety and communication.  We are excited to be developing products with this technology for the industrial market as well as to protect and enhance communications for our nation’s military.”

Hearing Components was established in 1990. It specializes in unique, high-tech foam solutions for protecting and enhancing hearing. Hearing Components’ products, offered under the Comply™ brand, are used in military, industrial, audiology, and consumer electronics applications around the world.  


September 23, 2014

New Comply™ Foam Custom Wraps Enhance the Fit, Comfort, and Performance of Custom-Molded In-Ear Monitors

Small adhesive strips of memory foam improve upon excellence and revolutionize the music performing experience

OAKDALE, Minn. (September 23, 2014) – Addressing the need for comfortable, isolating, and secure custom-molded in-ear monitors, Hearing Components has introduced Comply™ Custom Wraps. A natural extension of the Comply™ brand, the Custom Wraps are ideally suited for musicians, sound technicians, and audiophiles. With a similar feel to Comply™ Foam Tips, Custom Wraps will be available through select retail shops and online stores.

Made with high-tech, viscoelastic polyurethane memory foam, Comply™ Custom Wraps are body heat-activated and breathable to conform to the ever-changing shape of the ear canal. Comply™ Foam products are founded on the knowledge that the ear canal is a dynamic environment. Comply™ products utilize super-soft memory foam that creates a perfect, custom seal for every in-ear situation. 

Recognizing that comfort, isolation, and personal fit are crucial elements for any custom-molded in-ear monitor (CIEM) user, the Wraps leverage the popular soft Comply™ foam that holds the CIEM securely in place while eliminating annoying sound leaks and discomfort that can occur during long playing, or listening sessions.

Traditional CIEM’s are made of hard plastic or silicone that is molded specifically to the user’s ear canal. Custom Wraps enhance the CIEM’s performance, maintaining a proper seal whether the individual is performing live on stage, or just relaxing, listening to music. 

The Wraps are designed to do exactly as the name implies - the thin adhesive-backed strip of foam wraps around the soundport of the CIEM to create an enhanced, compliant fit.

For the musician, Comply™ Custom Wraps provide an elevated audio experience. Because the foam creates a perfect ear canal seal, all sound from the in-ear monitor is channeled directly into the ear canal.

“Those of us who use them know how important a consistent and secure seal is for any audio experience,” says Steve Trinter, director of sales and marketing for Hearing Components. “Beyond the added comfort they provide for CIEM’s, the Wraps will ensure you have hi-fidelity and a superior audio experience. We’ve designed the wraps with the idea that you’ll forget you’re wearing hard, plastic IEM’s and simply enjoy the audio moment.” 

The patented technology behind Comply™ products is unrivaled. With engineering based on knowledge of the ear-canal structure and with innovative memory-foam technology, Comply™ products dramatically enhance the listening experience.

Comply™ Custom Wraps can add additional noise reduction to standard CIEM’s. Specific decibel reduction depends on the model of CIEM and the fit of the CIEM to the user.

Comply™ has been supplying these Custom Wraps to several multi-platinum artists for live performances and studio work. Now, they are making the Wraps available to everyone.

Each Comply™ Custom Wraps package includes ten strips (five pairs) of wraps for five applications. The retail cost is $17.95 USD.

For more information about the Comply™ Custom Wraps and the full line of Comply™ products visit

For More Information:


April 29th, 2013

Comply™ launches its latest innovation... Introducing a High-Tech breakthrough in Headphone Pads



CES 2013
All the latest Comply News from CES 2013!

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January 7, 2013

Comply™ Premium Earphone Tips Satisfy the Spectrum of Consumer Preferences
Comply™ Earphone Tips designed for active, isolation, comfort and professional lifestyles

Recognizing that no single tip can address all consumersʼ desires, Hearing Components is offering a full line of earphone tip styles designed to fit usersʼ lifestyles. Available online at and at major retailers, Complyʼs Premium Earphone Tips satisfy the spectrum of user preferences for sound and comfort.


Comply™ Introduces a New Series of Premium Earphone Tips that Deliver Superior Comfort Without Compromising the Audio Experience
Soft comfort and superior audio experience bring together best of both worlds

Addressing the number one frustration of earphone users around the globe, Hearing Components introduced its Comfort Series line of earphone tips at CES 2013. Delivering amazing comfort through a spherical shape, Comfort Ts-Series tips are engineered with super soft memory foam that gently seals the ear canal, providing a superior audio experience and stay-in-ear fit.


August 30, 2012

Comply™ Foam Plugs Cut the Intensity Without Compromising the Listening Experience
Acoustic baffling and high-pass filter design revolutionize the sound experience without distorting sound quality and damaging hearing

Addressing the need for comfortable ear plugs that cut the intensity of surrounding sound levels without compromising the sound quality, Hearing Components has introduced the Comply™ Foam Plugs. A natural extension of the Comply™ brand, the plugs are ideally suited for the concert-goer and frequent traveler alike. With a similar feel to Comply™ Premium Earphone Tips, the plugs are available online at for $19.95.