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Total Isolation
This product has been discontinued.

Product Description

This product has been discontinued, for a similar compatible Comply™ product, please see Comply™ Canal Tips.

New Comply™ Foam Tips N-100 allow the ear to breathe, reducing discomfort and ear fatigue, while providing unmatched noise isolation.  Patented “Dual Layer” technology dramatically increases retention, providing a secure in-ear fit for active users. Utilizing high-tech viscoelastic memory foam, the Comply™ Foam Tips N-100 are activated by body heat, becoming ultra soft and remaining comfortable during extended use.  Compatible with ALL barbed acoustic tube communication earpieces.

Comply™ Foam Tips N-100 Special Features:

Total Isolation: Communication in noisy environments is critical. Comply™ Foam Tips N-100 are perfect for in-ear two-way and listen-only devices, effectively blocking noise to funnel communication directly into the ear canal.

Soft Comfort: Soft polyurethane foam is activated by body heat and becomes ultra soft, allowing for a secure fit that remains comfortable during extended use, reducing irritation and ear fatigue.  Comply™ Foam Tips N-100 allow the ear to breathe, eliminating the discomfort often associated with silicone tips.

Stay-In-Ear Fit: Patented “Dual Layer” technology dramatically increases retention during physical activities and provides a secure in-ear fit for today’s most challenging high-noise law enforcement assignments, ensuring critical communication with your team.

Universal Fit: Comply™ Foam Tips N-100 feature a universal fit for any acoustic tube barbed adapter. Engineered materials are tailored to provide optimal coefficient of friction for attaching to the device and soft durometer for comfort.


Colors: Black


  • Small: 12.4 mm (0.490”)
  • Medium: 12.4 mm (0.490”)
  • Large: 12.4 mm (0.490”)

Diameter of foam at proximal end:

  • Small: 11.4 mm (0.450”)
  • Medium: 12.4 mm (0.490”)
  • Large: 13.5 mm (0.530”)

Universal Fit: For all acoustic tube barbed adapters


  • Polyurethane Foam
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • All RoHS Compliant

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