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We manufacture the following Comply™ audiology products.


Ad-Hear™ and Ad-Hear™ Plus Cerumen Guards help prevent hearing instrument cerumen repairs. Cerumen (earwax) is the single greatest cause of hearing-aid failure. These guards keep earwax out, preventing expensive repairs, and are easy to use.


Comply™ Canal Tips can replace the traditional earmold on many hearing devices. The slow-recovery foam conforms to the ear canal and is comfortable, hygienic, and quick and easy to use. Many hearing specialists and audiologists endorse Comply™ Canal Tips. 
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Comply™ Snap Tips are made of high-tech foam that forms a dynamic seal in the ear canal, so they expand with jaw movements. This can dramatically reduce feedback. These soft foam tips offer superior comfort and a transparent, built-in cerumen (earwax) filter.


Comply™ Soft Wraps instantly improve the fit and eliminate feedback of handmade, custom earmolds, ITEs and CICs. These hearing aid strips are also comfortable and easy to use.

To purchase Ad-Hear™ and Ad-Hear™ Plus Cerumen Guards, Comply™ Canal Tips, Comply™ Snap Tips and Comply™ Soft Wraps, and Diagnostic Tips, please directly contact the following partners:


(800) 242-5436

Lloyd's Hearing Aid
(800) 323-4212


ADCO Hearing Products
(800) 726-0851

dB Special Instruments
(800) 726-0851

e3 Diagnostics
(800) 360-1282

Great Lakes Earmold Laboratories
(800) 824-8184

(800) 242-5436

Oaktree Products
(800) 347-1960

Precision Labs
(800) 327-4792

Warner Tech-Care
(800) 328-4757

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